Bandcamp is a great platform for discovering and supporting independent artists, but sometimes you may want to download a whole album to listen to offline or back it up. In this post, we’ll show you how to download Bandcamp albums for free in mp3 format without paying anything.

how to download bandcamp albums for free

Are Bandcamp Albums free?

Not all albums on Bandcamp are free. Many artists use Bandcamp as a platform to sell their music, and they set a price for their albums and individual tracks.

However, some artists also choose to offer their music for free on Bandcamp, either permanently or for a limited time. You can easily search free albums on Bandcamp by filtering the price to “Free” on the website.

It’s worth noting that even if an album is available for free, it’s still good to support the artist by leaving a tip or purchasing other merchandise.

Can you Download Bandcamp Albums?

It is possible to download albums from Bandcamp, but it depends on the artist’s settings. Some artists may choose to enable the option for their music to be downloaded, while others may choose to disable it.

If an artist has enabled the option to download their music, you can typically do so by purchasing the album or individual tracks on their Bandcamp page. However, it is not directly possible to download any Bandcamp songs or albums without paying a subscription fee. However, we have the solution to bypass this problem, we will come to that shortly.

How to Download Bandcamp Albums for Free?

Here is one method of using a third-party Bandcamp downloader website to download an album for free:

  • Copy the URL of the album from address bar. This should be in the format: or
copy bandcamp album url
bandcamp album downloader website
  • Paste the URL into the text box on the Bandcamp downloader website.
  • Click the “Download” button.
  • The website will open the album details page. Click on the songs name & generate the download link for the song, which can be downloaded in MP3 format.
generate download links
download mp3 files of bandcamp albums
  • Once the download is complete, you can find the album in the download folder of your computer or mobile.
  • Locate the mp3 file by clicking three dots on your Browser->Downloads.
locate downloaded files
  • Repeat the above for each song that is listed on the album page (step 7).

How many albums I can download using this method?

We have no restrictions to downloads. There are absolutely no limits or restrictions to how many Bandcamp songs or albums you can download from our tool. Throw as many links as you want, & our tool will never disappoint you.

How to download full albums from Bandcamp? Our downloader tool fetches the high-quality download links directly from Bandcamp’s CDN, hence all the files are full (& not the preview ones). You always get the full-length, high quality music with us.


In conclusion, while it is possible to download albums from Bandcamp, it is important to remember that not all albums on Bandcamp are free. Artists rely on the income from album sales to support their work, and it is important to support them by purchasing their music.

If an artist has enabled the option to download their music, you can typically do so by purchasing the album or individual tracks on their Bandcamp page. Alternatively, there are a few methods such as using BandChampDownloader, which can be used to download Bandcamp albums for free. However, we always recommend to support the artist if you can.

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